Our Services

International & Domestic freight forwarding agent

We plan the most appropriate route and mode of transportation for the shipment based on factors such as the type of goods, the destination, and the required delivery timeframe.And we manage the preparation and submission of all necessary documentation for customs clearance, export/import permits, bills of lading, and other transport-related documents.

Customs Brokerage

We ensures that all customs regulations, tariffs, and trade laws are followed when importing or exporting goods. We are responsible for ensuring that the necessary permits, licenses, and certificates are obtained, and that all documents are accurately completed and submitted.

Transport agent

We managing the transportation of goods and ensuring that are delivered safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.We have expertise in transport planning, carrier selection, documentation, tracking and reporting, risk management, and communication helps to ensure a smooth and successful transportation process for our clients.

International courier services

Providing businesses with the ability to transport goods and documents across borders quickly and reliably. They offer a range of services, including network coverage, shipping options, customs clearance, tracking and visibility, customer service, and cost-effective solutions.

Packaging & Lashing services

Packaging and lashing services typically include quality control measures to ensure that goods are properly packaged and secured before transportation. This may include inspection of the packaging materials, checking for proper lashing and securing, and monitoring of the transportation process.

Free trade zone clearance

TripleV with FTZ that allowing goods to be stored, processed, and traded without being subject to customs duties or other taxes. Providing businesses with a range of benefits, including reduced costs, streamlined customs procedures, and access to new markets.

Special Break bulk clearance

Break bulk is a shipping term for cargo that does not fit in a standard shipping container or cargo bin. Break bulk cargo is instead transported individually in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels.

Warehouse & Distribution

The warehousing component involves the proper storage and handling of goods, including inventory management, labeling, packaging, and quality control,ensuring that the goods are moved efficiently and cost-effectively from the warehouse to the final destination.

Where do i get containers and sell used one

We are specialize in producing new containers, often with standardized designs and sizes that meet international shipping standards.We sell used containers that have been returned at the end of their lease period.

Logistic insurance

We providing insurance which protects goods that are being transported by sea against loss or damage due to shipwrecks, piracy, or other maritime risks..And covers goods that are being transported from one location to another by various modes of transportation, including trucks, ships, and airplanes.

Special economic zone clearance

Setting up your business in an SEZ allowing goods to be imported and exported more quickly and efficiently than in other parts of the country. This can help to reduce the time and cost of customs clearance, and can enable businesses to move goods more quickly and efficiently.

Ocean Freight

We also offer ocean freight, depending on your choice of transportation from 20ft to 40ft containers. We can also deliver your shipment to your doorstep either a vehicle or bulky item. Terms and conditions applies.

Ground Shipping

When you need your shipment at any destination of your choice in the shortest possible time; then be rest assured we will fly it for you. Forget about paying outrageous shipping fees as we offer fast, affordable and stress shipping and free package forwarding services. Still thinking? Don't. Just send your next package from Amazon, Ebay, Apple ...etc and we will deliver right to your doorstep anywhere within out reach. With daily and weekly cargo flights, you can be rest assured that we will get your goods to their destination in time.